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No matter the size, shape or type of pool, nothing cleans like a Maytronics Dolphin. Try our Dolphin Selector to find the right robotic cleaner for your pool.

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Our brands are the best of breed in the pool industry. See what we have to offer.

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Robotic Pool Cleaners

  • Never gets stuck

  • Less Cleaning - More Fun

  • Easy to use

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Natural & Healthy Mineral-rich Pool Water

  • Reduce chemical usage up to 80%

  • Eliminate red eyes

  • Gentle on skin

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Professional Water Cleaning for all Public Pools

  • Reliable, Heavy-duty Cleaning

  • Proven Solutions for all pool types

  • Local Service & Support

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Exceptional Pool Purification

Ozone effectively neutralises any organic contaminant instantly and reverts back to oxygen by the time your water returns to the pool body. Ozone Swim leaves you with noticeably softer water that is also safe and hygienic.


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